September 5-6, Shanghai, China





AutoCam is Created for Engineers

In the revolutionary age of autonomous vehicles, it is predicted that four million vehicles will achieve level 4/5 within the next 11 years. Boundaries are rapidly being broken to bring ease to society, but how far away are we from this idealistic future? Throughout this two-day AutoCam Conference, industry pioneers will consider: is this technology ready to usher this new age? What is yet to be discovered in camera and compute technology to make this future possible and what consequences do we need to evaluate? 

Built on the vision of senior technical experts
 at automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and delivered by conference experts with a passion for engineering, AutoCam is the leading technical summit for ADAS and autonomous vehicle perception technology. A combination of insightful technical presentations, an audience of senior engineers, and top level organization that creates a highly memorable experience; makes AutoCam the ‘best in class’ for this sector. Driven by OEM requirements to develop vehicle systems that can sense the external environment and provide accurate and useful information to inform ADAS decision-making, content is focused around the vehicle perception process chain.

As ADAS improves at a rapid rate and autonomous vehicles edge closer to mainstream production, it is more important than ever for engineers to raise their heads and participate in industry-wide knowledge sharing and discussion. AutoCam enjoys incredible support from senior engineers at OEM and Tier 1 companies. The community extends to business leaders from the full supply chain as well as leading academics and technical experts in the various component fields.


SOLVINGTHE AUTOMOTIVE CAMERA CHALLENGE:1. Adaptability to harsh environments. 2. Privacy, security and regulations. 3. Technical limitations based on the in-depth learning algorithms. 4. High barriers to encapsulation of camera modules in China. 5. Sample databases need to be constantly updated and expanded; the accuracy of distance estimation is low.




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Auto Companies

OEMs including Daimler, GM, BMW and more

Executive Management

CEOs, CTOs, VPs of Engineering, VPs of Marketing, VPs of Business Development


Design, Systems, Evaluation, Test, Production, Software


Development, Testing, Standards, Quality, Industry Analysts, and Consultants

Purchasing & Procurement

Buyers of cameras and related technologies

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Angel investors, professionals looking to invest in sensor technology